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Decoration and interior design oriental

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Interior decoration in beige

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Interior decorating of stone

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Monday, April 30, 2012

Decorating with clothes

decorating clothes

We have presented several options for decorate the nursery from painted walls, large murals, decals, fabric, curtains, colors and more colors to furniture recycling but this time we bring a different proposal, it is decorate with clothes.

They often do not know what else to add to our children's room we painted the wall and also paste some fun ways but we are not satisfied, this is the time where you can choose a Open furniture, Iff as you read, open, without doors, clear that some people have problems in many cities since the dust is very common so we need to have the clothes put away, but if you do not have that problem you can choose furniture like this, and of course the clothes will be part of the decoration because it has fun colors, it is something simple but it will give a special touch to the place.

Is a youthful idea and practice you can use it without spending more money.

Basic Tips for soundproofing your home.

Do you have noisy neighbors? Can you hear the upstairs tenants? Do you live near an airport? If so, then the noise at home can drive you crazy! Before thinking of moving to a quieter place, examines ways to make your own home a more peaceful place. Although the soundproofing may sound like a big task, there are actually some very simple things you can do to keep the noise outside your home. Here are some basic tips for soundproofing your home.

Soundproof your home

Before soundproof your home is important to understand some things about the sound itself. The sound is composed of low frequency waves, similar to radio waves. These waves travel in all directions from the source of the sound and kept traveling until they get some form of resistance, like a wall or sofa. Sound waves can also bounce off these elements, creating reverberation in space. Then there are some things you can do, either from the decoration or making any reform.

Soundproof your home

There are three things you can do to reduce the noise traveling through other rooms in your home:

Soundproof your home

  • Making Room: The more open is the space in a room, more space has to follow the sound. As it travels, the sound waves become less powerful and the sound becomes less strong.
  • Create mass: heavy objects such as stone walls, help absorb sound.
  • Stop the vibrations of sound: If you stop the vibration of sound within a room, this will help to dampen the sound waves and reduce noise. Furniture, carpets and other soft materials help dampen these vibrations.

How to decorate paper clips

How to decorate bras papel.jpg

So easy and so simple! You only need a few materials that are sure to already have at home and a little time to do this craft.
You see? It is even possible decorate paper.


  • Glue in glue
  • Printed fabric
  • 1 pen
  • 1 pair of scissors
  • 1 brush
  • Paper clips

Step by step:

To start this proposal, the first thing you do is select a patterned fabric you liked. If you wish, you can also include gift wrap, though I think the manual will promise more durable if done with fabric.

Place a paper clip on the design you selected. With the proper contour highlights the ballpoint pen and then cut and paste power.
How to decorate bras papel1.jpg

Using a small brush, spread glue on both sides of the tail by paper clip. Add, then, you had previously cut fabric and press with great force on both sides.

When the glue is already dry, you can cut the excess fabric that have been with scissors. Make sure that the manual be neat and ready to use in the office.

The result will be a fantastic decorated paper clips. A very easy craft to look really great on the desktop.

And if you still want more ideas for the office do not forget to be romantic and try these original heart-shaped clips. They are perfect to give to your sweetheart or perhaps simply supplement a message of love.

What do you think?

Modern Interior design rooms

Modern Decorating Rooms

Dear lovers Modern interior decoration. Today we meet again to present a series of copies of luxurious rooms stylish and warm and elegant design.

As we can see in the pictures, we have a living room Very stylish circular design, with the ground accompanying the design of furniture in a luxury porcelain. The chairs are distinguished by their white and incredibly comfortable cushions. Ideal for entertaining and unforgettable nights, this Luxury room invites us to enjoy its vast spaces, comfort and luminosity.

Modern Decorating Rooms

Secondly we have a set of modern living very original, futuristic, elegant and very comfortable. It highlights white and red accents giving a unique to this room. On a very innovative plastic floor and huge windows that provide light and fresh breeze of the outdoors.

Then we present a original and modern room decorated with style and unexpected by anyone in their designs. This colorful room, Bold, cheerful and full of life and nature captures our senses and fills us with their beauty and originality. Combine all patterns and colors not only in the seats but also a large painting and carpet grid. Never think that printed so diverse and so many colors could be as harmonious and elegant to the eye. A interior decoration very prominent and innovative.

Modern Decorating Rooms

In the next picture, we have a Classic Design in a elegant room and very delicate. We have large windows and a few objects decoration characteristic of modern design, But the taste in the details, the elegant leather chairs, a log home and rustic wood floors, are typical of the classically decorated interior.

Modern Decorating Rooms

Finally we present a Classic Design but very warm. A small room and that shelters our moments in winter evenings in front of a log home, beautiful windows with curtains that reach high ceiling heights and a interior decoration delicate pastel, combining every detail and color to perfection.

Various options and styles to make our room decor, Major objects design.

Modern Decorating Rooms

Sunday, April 29, 2012

How to find mirrors suitable for living room?

The main problem that most people come across when looking through living room mirrors is that they are able to come to the right mirror for your living room. There are plenty of mirrors to choose from when in the store, but sometimes it's hard to find one that fits perfectly with everything else in your living room. In severe cases, some people even have a custom made mirror so you can be sure you have something that fits the style of your home. 

From custom mirrors can be quite expensive, most people will be looking for something that has already been done. You do not have to get the perfect mirror immediately, so maybe you could try some different mirrors before finding one that works. This is especially true for people who have moved into a new house and have more important things to worry about your mirrors.

Take your time with the selection

There is no rush when it comes to looking through the hall of mirrors, so you should not feel as if there is any time limit for choosing the right one.

Take your time when you are looking for mirrors, because you need to make sure you are choosing something that fits your current style and add a design to your room.

Paper roses map

roses with leaves

Want to make a paper flowers really original? You can make a paper roses map! These roses can be used as clip hair or other accessory.

It's a very creative idea, and if you have a map of a tourist site that you can not use, you can give a new use. I do not recommend it while you're a tourist!


  • A map that you will not use
  • Glue
  • A stick or a pencil

Step by step:

roses with leaves

Need to cut several sheets with the form shown in the picture. Make several and different sizes. These are the petals of the rose.

roses with leaves

Take a toothpick or a pencil and curl the edges of the petals.
The sides will be screwed inwards and the upper and lower outward as in the image.

map sheets roses 3.jpg

Take the petals smaller and give way to the center of the rose. With a glue gun or glue down the center. Add increasingly larger petals around.

roses with map sheets 4.jpg

Charts! What we say about these flowers?

Saturday, April 28, 2012

What is sought with formal furniture of living room?

One of the main things to look for when searching for a formal living room furniture, is that all furniture must be in pristine condition. There is really no reason to get formal furniture, if you used before, because the idea behind this type of furniture is that it is very clean and tidy. The only time you should consider getting used furniture is if you are in college or in some kind of very tight budget. 

Formal furniture is for people who can afford to spend a few dollars more in their homes, so it should not look at this type of furniture, should not have much money to spend. This is another reason that the formal furniture is attractive to many people, because there is so much prestige that it is believed that he had for her. Anyone who is going to get a formal furniture, you should know that one of the main reasons why it is a popular type of furniture is that it costs a good bit of money.

Do not let the price fool you

You should never let the price fool you when it comes to formal furniture for the room because sometimes expensive furniture is made of cheap materials.

Always make sure you check around for prices to ensure you will not end up paying more than what really matters, because you can find better quality at lower prices.

Decorating our room with mirrors

Decorating our room with mirrors
Have rooms with mirrors can certainly add a bit of elegance to any room, because there is something mysterious about having that big mirror in your living room. You have to choose something special when you are looking for a mirror in the room, because this is the mirror in which most people will see when they enter your home. If people entering your house will use a mirror, this probably will decide to use. 

The room mirrors may seem a simple issue, but it really can get quite complex when you start breaking down all the different types of mirrors. Most people think you do not need to put a lot of thought into their mirrors, but sometimes it is actually used for decorative purposes than anything else. In all honesty, if you are going to have to use a mirror of what is likely just use the one in your bathroom or bedroom.

Most people choose to use mirror as he prepared to go out at night or going to work, but the purpose of the changes mirror when you get out of the room. The mirrors are not intended to be used almost entirely for aesthetic purposes when they are in the living room, and it definitely should not be considered a bad thing.

There is nothing wrong with adding a little elegance and beauty to a room through the use of the right kind of mirror.

Friday, April 27, 2012



Thursday, April 26, 2012

Blackout curtains for interior decoration

Blackout Curtains

The blackout curtains have become, in recent times, in the desire of anyone who is charting the interior decoration of your home.

This style of curtains not only serves to prevent direct sunlight entering the rooms, but also, depending on which model is chosen from the many offered in the market, may be part of the interior decoration environment.

Blackout Curtains

The blackout curtains are available in various styles and fabric. The most common are type roll, but there curtains of this type that are used with any other rod curtain ordinary.

When selecting the style of blackout curtain adapting to the needs of interior design of our environment, we must decide how far we want the transitions to the same sun. After making this choice, we can set the style of the weave of it, so give a modern, rustic or even Oriental interior design.

Blackout Curtains

Costs or prices blackout curtains can vary widely. Everything depends on the size, pattern and winding system we choose. What we must emphasize is that the blackout curtains not noted for being the cheaper alternative when it comes to decorating or accompany windows and windows of the house.

Blackout Curtains
Blackout Curtains

Interior decoration with modern wall wallpapers

Modern wallpaper

Dear readers, today we meet again to present some examples of interior decorating with modern wallpaper, An accessory from classic decor is the protagonist of design and brings innovative ideas to customize our environments.

In the first of the images we have a beautiful white staircase, perhaps unexpected, the decoration of its steps provides a flower wallpaper black and white giving a completely new style. An original idea and very useful for decorating the stairs of our home.

Modern wallpaper

Secondly we have a bathroom, an environment where also the use of wallpaper not common, but gives a design and distinguished himself in this space. It highlights a beautiful violet flowers on a white background, color scheme you have in the other bathroom fixtures and furniture. No doubt a Original interior and refined.

Modern wallpaper

Then we find a girl's room, romantic and delicate, with the use of Striped wallpaper ,Very common in modern interior. As we can see, no longer uses a combination of prints and stripes have the same environment, flowers, checks and contrasting colors, giving life and originality design.

In the next picture, we have a kitchen with white furnishings and fruits and vegetables as objects decoration. It also highlights a delicate flower wallpaper smaller than this given finesse design.

Modern wallpaper

Finally a game room where bright colors are a must, the contrasts and cheerful design and natural. It highlights the intense green paint on the walls and a flower wallpaper large and colorful giving life to the interior decoration this space.

For those who are in search of the interior decoration of children's bedrooms, we invite you to see our entry on wallpaper for kids bedroom walls.

Modern wallpaper

Modern decorative shelves

Modern Decorative Shelves

Dear readers, today we will show you some pictures of one of these accessories for interior decoration rarely missing in any household. Is promptly of the decorative shelves.

As you can see from the photographs that accompany this entry, modern decorative shelves have gained their place in the market. They have the most diverse forms, styles, colors and sizes, but all share the same, the great creativity of the designers.

Modern Decorative Shelves

Today it is very common to see modern decorative shelves in cinemas, accompanying the great tables of modern TV or in the dining room, showing some beautiful picture frames or a nice vase.

Depend on the interior design which an environment Modern mantel suits or not the decoration thereof. If we have antique furniture, surely the use of this accessory will be discarded due to incompatibility with the rest of the furniture.

Modern Decorative Shelves

The modern decorative shelves may also find their place even in bathrooms. Many bathrooms modern interior design ,Make use of this decorating accessory to fill the walls and not everything look so empty.

Modern Decorative Shelves
Modern Decorative Shelves

Tablecloths of different colors and designs


Dear readers, today we meet again to present some ideas on interior decoration, Taking as a central point inevitable and very important accessory in our table, the tablecloth we have selected for the occasion and to the design of our environments.

They come in many different designs and colors, some are smooth and are used in combination with a second tablecloth of another color, especially in major festivals and tables very well prepared and complete.


We also have prints of colorful and cheerful, designed for the outdoors in combination with nature and the freshness of the surroundings.

Finally we have the tablecloths lace and very delicate. With pastel colors, perfect for a romantic dinner or to dress a table without too many accessories, becoming the protagonists of design.

Certainly it is an accessory that important in our table and can completely change the decoration our environments.


Interactive children's Carpets

Kids Carpets

This time we focus on one important aspect that interior design ,Mainly in an environment that all interested mother, the room of our children.

Kids CarpetsWe can see three beautiful and very innovative Carpets for children and youth. In the first case to that girl sweet and feminine, a modern and interactive carpet a hopscotch in pinks and grays, with the delicacy of ballet slippers and a chair out of fairy tales.

Secondly, another very novel interactive children's Carpets,That not only gives us a warm space for our children to play on the floor and enjoy the space, but also gives them a place of fun and games.

Of varied designs ,These Carpet are the new fashion for room of our children, Allowing them to build huge cities in their own bedrooms.

Finally we have a beautiful juvenile carpet Pink, very comfortable and very feminine. With the breakdown of white flowers and a very soft texture, is a good alternative to the room of our girls who become young and start giving their own style to the interior decoration of their bedrooms.

Kids Carpets

Modern carpets to perform interior decoration


We often wonder how would that beautiful carpet stained glass in our living room or hall, often consulted in stores interior design looking for the typical carpet to match the furniture in the house.

However, today the trends are different, innovative moves. Already set aside the Carpet one color and if any, are intensely colored orange as one of the images. On the contrary, they bring great circles or stripes that anyone would fear not being able to locate them in any home environment. But filled with joy and light our interior decorating.


Environments may be accompanied by simple, simple furniture, without much scenery and be the protagonists of a totally illuminated by bright colors and festive and modern motifs.

They are a decorative accessory and inevitable in our living room and can capture the full attention of our guests.

They come in many textures, designs and colors to make our own the interior design the contrast of objects, furniture and environments. Today the key is to emphasize the joy and brightness of the rooms, apart from the harmony of pastel colors and old design concepts.


Interior decorating with wall stickers

Decorative Decals

Dear readers and lovers design and interior decoration ,Today we share with you some information on one of the decorative accessories greatest number of followers has been gaining in recent times ...

How often have wondered how decorate or fill that blank space is so great that in a large room, or how many times have tried to find one of those great modern paintings to decorate a wall of medium or large size and have been unable to acquire it for its high cost ... Today we present the solution, the decals.

Decorative Decals

The decals is characterized by providing the possibility of garnish or fill the empty space on large walls, a low cost. In the interior decoration is important to consider this new alternative market because it can radically change almost any environment.

Decorative Decals

In the photos accompanying this post, we can see how decals may have the most diverse forms. There will always be one that fits the interior design their environments.

While decals first used in children's bedrooms, are currently very popular in the world of interior decoration Either rooms, bathrooms or studies and adult bedrooms.

Decorative Decals

The decals give a bonus to the interior decorating, Giving you the chance to look more modern or leave the monotony to which we were accustomed.

We invite you to discover these and many more designs decals so that it can decorate their environments and with little money, make a big change.

Decorative Decals
Decorative Decals

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