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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Old double bedrooms

Old Double Bedroom

Dear Lovers of interior decoration. Today we meet again to present a beautiful old double bedrooms that stand out for their designs, their warmth and comfort.

As we see in the photographs, objects have abundant decoration Furniture designs developed and large spaces. In the first of the images, we have different shades of blue, giving sobriety to this decoration. It also highlights a very luxurious pendant, upholstered chairs, large windows, a huge antique mirror and rugs on the floors that allow us to go barefoot and relaxed in the bedroom.

Old Double Bedroom

In the second image, the spaces are smaller, but also highlights the luxury of decoration. In this case the pastel colors have been replaced by orange, widely used in the Modern interior decoration.

Then we have a decoration very elegant in a double bedroom very delicate and luxurious. Wide open spaces, a glass pendant very delicate and a former home logs, are highlighted in the design of this environment. Also find white wood floors and furniture in beige, which provide warmth and good taste decoration.

Old Double Bedroom

Finally the dark wood, simple and elegant, with crisp color and beautiful flower arrangements on board. The antique furnishings are luxurious and design developed, ideal for lovers Romantic decor.

Old Double Bedroom
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