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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Warm interior design in stone surrounded by greenery

Decoracion Interiores Piedra

Dear readers, today we meet again to present a beautiful home, characterized by its interior design in stone and warm decor, Surrounded by trees.

As we see in the pictures, highlights environments in wood, With large windows and spaces, with the vegetation surrounding each room filled with freshness and nature indoors.

In the first of the images we have a beautiful room warm and harmonious design. It features a huge set of chairs in brick red on a gray floor and a small, fluffy carpet. We appreciate the interior decoration, The stone cladding we can see the end of the room, high ceilings and large windows, through which we can see the forest for the outdoors. Separated wooden columnsThe dining room is dressed in the same nature and freshness, with warm wooden furniture and plenty of light.

Interior Decoration Stone

In the second of the images we have the kitchen, small but very comfortable. With very modern wooden chairs with aluminum legs and flats in soft yellow, small ceramics, very innovative.

Then we have a view of the gallery with a long table with chairs made in the same way that the game room. It highlights the Design, a wooden roof with iron frame, painted in gray ice, combined with the floors in dark gray, the sky and gardens.

Interior Decoration Stone

In the last picture, we have a bedroom broad designWith a very comfortable bed, laminated wood floors, a few objects decoration and large windows with direct access to the balconies, which provide light and warmth to interior design.

Interior Decoration Stone
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