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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Classic Interior decorating and elegant

Classic Interior Decoration
Dear lovers interior decoration ,Today we meet again to present a residence where the elegance and design are the protagonists.

As we see in the pictures, open spaces prevail but also filled with objects decoration and furniture characteristic of the classical interior.

In the first of the pictures is a view of the kitchen, small, elaborate wooden furniture but aluminum furniture wardrobes, widely used in the modern design.

Then we have an image of the living room, where two plush armchairs, and a delicate design only, are printed on a carpet board, characteristic of the classic decor. It features a log home that combines the warmth of wood with white, ancient chandeliers and a picture framed in gold distinguished, with a landscape full of harmony and beauty, also characteristic of the classic decor.

Classic Interior Decoration

In the next picture we see the fine details of the toilette. The cream color, together with details in gold and wood, give this room a unique harmony and perfection. Are two toilets as used in the modern interior and a huge bathtub, delicate and ideal to relax.

Classic Interior Decoration

Finally we have a picture of the bedroom, spacious and spread over the glass windows. It highlights the presence of a personal desk into the room and few objects decoration.

Undoubtedly, a Classic Design, Harmonious, warm and elegant which highlights traditional ideas interior decoration always applicable to customize our designs.

Classic Interior Decoration
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