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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Decoration and interior design in green color

Green Interior Decoration

Dear readers, this time we met again to present some environments modern interior design With accessories decoration, Coatings and walls in various shades of green.
As we see in the pictures, we decorate each and every one of the rooms of our homes using this modern color, cheerful, full of life to every corner of our house giving a unique style design and interior decoration.

In the first of the photographs have a toilet, ceramic coated by a very elegant style and brighten the decoration environment. In various shades of green, dark and light, perfectly combined with the white of the other bath accessories.

In the next picture we have a dining room, characterized by a modern and innovative design, Daring and original figures. This environment is characterized by the futuristic design their chairs, a lamp in aluminum color and moss green walls, always combined with the white furniture and other objects decoration.

Green Interior Decoration

Thirdly we have a living that combines classic and modern, resulting in a unique beauty to this environment. As objects decoration classics are distinguished: the coffee table, rug and curtains very simple. By contrast emphasizes the modernity of apple green walls gives light and joy to the environment, a corner chair and a delicate frame matches that stand out to perfection on these green walls, intense and modern.

Green Interior Decoration

Finally we have the bedroom, where different shades of green blend seamlessly giving finesse and style interior design. The sheets, pillows, lamps, curtains and even puff, share the common characteristic of a natural color full of life every area of ​​the house, the green, which always reflects hope, life and nature in our interior decoration.

Green Interior Decoration

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I am starting to love color green, it's lighten my sight. Those designs of part of the home are really impressive. Can I use some details of this design for our home. Thanks in advance. Keep it up.^_^

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