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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Four styles of interior decorating of rooms

Decorating Rooms

Dear readers, today we meet again to present a series of copies of interior room To provide new ideas to customize your designs.

As we see in the pictures, we have different styles, each of which is adapted to our taste and adjust to new trends in interior decoration.

As we see in the pictures, we have the first images of a elegant living room. It is characterized by limited objects interior decoration For their delicate burgundy curtains, a circle of glass roof which reflects the beauty of this room and a very modern exotic and original lamp. They also distinguish a set of fine and elegant chairs in white and decoration with plants that captures our attention within the environment.

Decorating Rooms

Then we have a decoration warmer, with large windows, stone and wood floors. Prevail in this case the colors range from brown to give delicacy and warmth to interior design, Unlike the neutral colors or cold of the previous picture. The furniture is mostly wooden and wide open spaces and light are the axes of the decoration.

Below is a more tropical, with slopes, wood, white walls and contrast, vivid colors with the white chairs. It is very common to find plants, floral arrangements, fruit and even pictures of bright colors as objects of interior decoration.

Decorating Rooms

Finally we have a decoration own in India, where muted colors prevail, the large number of objects decoration, Rugs with many drawings equally opaque and rustic wooden furniture. Also widely used vases or figurines as part of interior design of these rooms.

Decorating Rooms
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