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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Interior decorating warm and modern

Interior Decorating

Dear readers and lovers decoration and interior design in all its forms, today we bring you a set of images which belong to the environments of a truly modern home located in Austria.

As we can see from the photos, all the sounds of this fantastic home, have a interior decoration very warm. Light colors dominate over the dark, to the point that most of the furnishings that make these beautiful environments, are white like the walls.

Interior Decorating

It has tried to cut up the monotony of interior design in white. This wood has been used for not removing colors could be better for the environment and in turn add some textures that enrich the decoration.

The many windows allow bright sun as a result. This is a key point for the style of interior decoration it has been decided to give this house. Light colors and this feature of the house, makes the environments look more spacious. In turn, highlights decorative accessories who have decided to incorporate the design.

Interior Decorating
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