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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Interior decorating with luxury dining

Luxury Kitchens

Dear readers, today we meet again to present a series of copies of upscale dining to welcome our special guests as they deserve, with all the elegance and comfort.

As we see in photographs, in these settings dominated the harmony of colors and decoration.
In the first case we have a long table in black and white very modern chairs, the carpet combining the two colors which is covering almost an entire floor of porcelain. It highlights the interior Decorating a large mirror and a huge picture in the same range of colors than the rest of the environment.

Dining Decor

The second Luxury dining presents a design very elegant and conservative in its table and chairs, finished with an elaborate and unique shine, this environment is a true copy of dining renowned for their good taste and elegance.

Then we have another example that, unlike the previous ones that were in a separate room, is connected to the kitchen. It features a pastel striped armchairs very delicate and highlights the interior design porcelain tile roof that shines the light spots and a beautiful white carpet below dining room.

Dining Decor

Finally in the last Luxury dining, Highlights the old designs and elegant. Wood and elaborate endings, overhead lighting and the combination of design the lights with the fabric of the story, provide a interior decoration unique to this environment. They are also very common candles or floral arrangements and pictures on the walls have wood paneling wallpaper or accompanying the elegance of interior design the rest of the environments.

Luxury Kitchens
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