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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Interior design where we feel comfortable

Interior Design

Dear readers, today we present a modern and warm interior design characterized by harmony and simplicity of the decoration.

Warm colors accompany each of the spaces of the home giving each room its own light and elegance that is of good taste.

The bathroom with all the details in white, very simple, with a blue carpet and a very modern bath. The bedroom, with large windows and wooden stand on the white walls and wood combined with warm floors. Few objects decoration in both environments with original lighting and design simple and harmonious.

Interior Design

Finally we have a unique environment that includes kitchen, living room, combining warm colors like brown and white with wooden floors and the rest of the environment contrasts with the green apple on the counter.

Finally we have a simple dining table, round plastic chairs and very modern and widely used in the interior decoration today.

As we see, taste is characterized by designs own, blending or contrasting colors, large rooms or small, bright or dark. Whatever the choice, which makes our interior decoration perfect, is that the design is ours, and we feel comfortable in our own home.

Interior Design
Interior Design
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