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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Ideas for decorating with photos


If there is something that never fails in any home are photographs, Either because you are a lover of many colors and pictures, or just like having family photos adorning your home. So today in Total Household, We will give some ideas for decorating with photos, And so you can display your favorite moments while adorn any room in the house.

You can use any type of Photos, What you should try is to group them by type (black and white, color, sepia) and/or the type of images (family pictures, landscapes, etc..). This will help you determine how to place them and what room you would like to have them. For example, with the Lisa Bengtsson designs ,The pet lovers and have some home decorating ideas.

Decorating with photos


ideas-for-decorating-with-pictures-3.jpgThis is the easiest way decorating with photosYou can buy frames that fit the style of decoration and place them on several key points of the house. You can also opt to make your own decorative frames, So you have an original design. The materials used are wood (popsicle sticks, twigs), paper mache, clay, mirrors, and other material that you see fit and easy to handle for a picture frame. There are various ways to decorating with framesYou can place several of various sizes to decorate a wall, or opt for a large frame that stands somewhere in the room.

Mobile with photos:

ideas-for-decorating-with-pictures-4.jpgAn original way decorating with photos is doing a mobile. You should only use string or ribbon and hang the pictures (for this I'll make a small hole to pass the cord). You can use a branch or stick as a base coat hanger for hanging cords. Try that are of different lengths so that you can appreciate all the photos.


Figures with photos:

ideas-for-decorating-with-pictures-5.jpgFor decorate the room of the young you can choose to make a figure with photos. To begin, you must draw on the wall you want to figure (circle, star, etc..) And fill it with photos. Chances are that you should cut Photos going around the edges to fit the figure. You can also do the drawing on cardboard and glue the pictures, and then transfer it to the wall.


Decorate objects:

ideas-for-decorating-with-pictures-6.jpgNot only can decorate a room with photosYou can also use them to decorate any everyday object. Paste some pictures in jars and boxes and watch any decor changes in seconds. You can combine the decorating with photos with the advice that we give in three styles to decorate the living and thus achieve a friendly room where rest.

Which of these decorating ideas you would use in your home?
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