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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

How to choose wallpaper?

Should look at the symbols on the back because they provide information on the coating

wallpaper-artFor decades, the wallpaper was the reference coating to decorate the walls in many of the homes. Now this element has emerged as a trend, although the choice of materials and the variety of placement techniques differ from the primitive. Therefore, before purchasing a wallpaper, not just look at the design, it is necessary to consider other aspects.

Types of paper

The range of wallpapers is extensive. There are a wide variety of textures, colors and designs that fall into three basic categories:
  • Embossing. It is the most traditional. It consists of a single layer of paper on which the print or record design. In general, it is placed cellulose glue is applied on the coating and has a moderate resistance to light. It is an appropriate role for decorating bedrooms or rooms that do not suffer too much traffic.
  • Flocking. They are embossed papers. Some imitate the texture of velvet and suede, while others are covered with cork or foils. Are thicker and hold up better over time. Flocked papers are suitable for any space.
  • Vinyl. Are coated with a layer of vinyl printed. This plastic makes them a durable and waterproof wallpaper. Another novelty is that most of the papers are marketed preencolados vinyl. For placement, simply wet the back. By resisting contact with the waterAre suitable for coating the walls of kitchens and bathrooms.
Coating characteristics

At the time of choosing the wallpaper, and select the design or pattern should focus on the characteristics of the coating. In the back of the paper are different symbols that provide all the information needed to describe their main attributes. NF legislation regulates and ensures the reliability of the particular specified.
Vinyl papers are preencolados, simply wet the back to place
The parameters measured are the strength of the paper to light, with a scale ranging from "satisfactory" to "excellent" mode remove the coating (dry, wet or peelable) how to apply the adhesive which establishes the role (on the coating applied to the surface or pre-glued) and the type of union that requires placement of the sheets of paper. This can be free, straight, strips sauteed or reverse.

How do you clean?

Another symbol that is printed on the coating specifies whether or not it is possible to wash the paper and how to do. The most common categories are "washable" and "washable and can be brushed". In the former case, the lining supports the stains are removed with a cloth dampened with soapy water, although it is useful to know that fat is indelible and permanent if not treated early. These spots must be cleaned immediately and not to postpone the task.

A paper "washable and can be brushed" indicates that it is possible to clean water-based stains that are placed near radiators and windows with a soft brush and a mild detergent, without altering the pattern or color of paper .
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