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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Classical and cheerful interior

Interior Design

Dear readers, today we meet again to present a new copy of the interior decoration Classic but with some modern features such as lighting and bright colors that contrast with the environment and give vitality and design.

As we can see, the toilet is classic, neutral colors, an old painting on the walls and a fixture in the modern feature design now, two sinks on a marble counter very picturesque.

Interior Design

The bedroom has a classic decor ,But the intense colors and lighting are the modern features we emphasize. On the contrary, we see immense open spaces or windows as we usually find in the Modern interior decoration.

The dining kitchen is the more modern of the residence, with large spaces, warm lighting spots, a central counter breakfast bar and large windows.

Interior Design

The living is primarily conservative, with small spaces, isolated from other environments and with muted colors in the decoration. However we can not fail to mention, beautiful plasma TV that provides luxury and modernity to the walls of this room.

Some innovative ideas for classic modernizing our environments or renew our interior design.

Interior Design
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