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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Ideas for decorating children's bedroom walls

A wall made slate
A wall made slate
The decoration for the bedroom of the youngest tends to be versatile and original, nothing is repeated in it, there are so many options in this regard, it is normal if you feel something giddy and unsure where to start, now we want to help decorate the walls of a child's bedroom, Can you think anything about it?

The exchange of ideas is often very helpful, because two heads always better than one, we invite you to share your experience decorating the bedroom of your children ,But we too, will bring from here, leaving some recommendations on the subject.

The other day we talked about the decals for bedrooms ,Without doubt this is one of the ideas that today sets the trend, it is an alternative that many parents believe appropriate for their little room, because of course, is easy to apply and remove, and there is a huge variety of designs , according to each child.
Small slate hanging
Small slate hanging

However, this is not the only ideas about the children's decor. Searching and searching, we found a very creative option, we know that children often enjoy art, reflecting all that flow of expression whenever they can, what better time to do the walls of their bedrooms large boards where they can paint and easily draw, without receiving a challenge to do so. We refer to the installation of the classic slate, the magnetic white or those that come in wood, there are several sizes to choose from.

Another alternative, but focused on the same, is to paint a section of wall with chalkboard paint, can be green or black, you have to get chalk for your children and try to keep the place free of dust, but certainly will thank you.
There are many who prefer to appeal to put paper in print child's bedroom walls, Is a classic idea, but it certainly is effective, especially today, there are colors and very original designs for children.
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