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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Luxurious interior design of a modern apartment

Luxurious interior design of a modern apartment

Dear readers and lovers modern interior designs ,Innovative and super luxury, today we present a fantastic apartment that has a set that comes out of the ordinary to become a benchmark of Minimalism and the contemporary.

We can see the beautiful environments that make up this luxury apartment, Have more detail in interior decoration. A fantastic design that will surely be a benchmark for more than one of our readers.

In the first image we see a beautiful room. The combination of gray tones with the clarity that gives the target, generates beautiful contrasts that enrich the environment. Details complement this fantastic brown interior design.

Luxurious interior design of a modern apartment

In the second photo, we can see the dining room. A beautiful round table with chairs accompany the excellent design environment. In the background we see the modern shelvesmodern interior design. can complement the

The bath of this modern apartment luxury is where you look. Fully glazed with exterior views, ensures moments of relaxation. With white as the predominant color and some accessories in black color interior design ,Ensures sobriety and good taste.

Luxurious interior design of a modern apartment

Last but not least, the double bedroom has a design in keeping with the rest of this beautiful home. Light colors, plenty of space and decorative accessories tasteful, are the key to that invite restful environment to be enjoyed.

Luxurious interior design of a modern apartment
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