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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Bedroom decor in green color

Green Bedroom Decoration

Dear readers, today we meet again to present some examples of interior decoration of bedrooms in green, A color that has gained ground in modern trends and full of life and style.

In the first of the photographs have a beautiful single bed iron frame on a very warm rug in shades of brown. It features a beautiful green apple and padded cushions in different patterns but the same palette. A plant becomes an accessory in the decoration providing the dark green color, nature and freshness. It also captures our attention the white lamp standing beside the bed, very elegant and modern.

Green Bedroom Decoration

Secondly we have a lime green bedroom With a soft carpet of green parrot and again a beautiful plant as an object of decoration. This environment is characterized by its freshness and brightness, not only for the cool breeze and the light coming through some beautiful white windows, but also by happy colors of interior decoration. We can see also the combination of green the sky in a modern and comfortable chair and bedspreads lining the bed.

In the next picture we have a beautiful double bedroom in shades of green. In this case is combined with the target to provide more warmth to design and are distinguished from modern curtains and combined with the puff and a hanging lamp decorated with the same flowers as the cushions. Using different patterns, stripes, flowers and all provide the same harmony to our senses in this small room.

Green Bedroom Decoration

Finally we have a minimalist bedroom. To distinguish the straight cuts, the few objects decoration, Simple furniture and wood floating floors. The smooth walls without decorative accessoriesAre painted light green and light giving life to this interior design.

Green Bedroom Decoration
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