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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Luxury house in an antique horse ranch

Luxury house in an old horse ranch

If you had to guess where this wonderful home sure you would never say who is in New York, yes, New York, o What did you think only of New Yorkers living skyscrapers? In fact, we are not in the city of New York, but in the state, a coastal town of Long Island peninsula called Montauk, whose picturesque lighthouse was commissioned by George Washington in 1792 and is one of the oldest in the United States. Quiet and family has become an ideal destination for a holiday, escape the bustle of the city. Unlike many haunts of the rich and famous, Montauk retains a hint of its humble origins in agricultural and fishery: including housing 3,500 m2 intended to be simple houses of fishermen.

open kitchen to living room
lounge with dining room and kitchen

The study Bates Masi Architects firm to build this house, built in a former horse ranch, on the side of a hill. Thinking about the light, and especially in the views, the house has stone walls, but glass; large glazed areas surround the property. The living room, with a sofa and two armchairs, share space with the dining room and kitchen. The roofs, gabled, were coated with the same wooden panels were used to cover the floor and part of the walls.

two-story house
hardwood floors

Wood, white and glass. What a trio! A beautiful wood with knots and streaks marked, not only is of floors and ceilings, but also the spectacular staircase that connects the indoors with the outside. The white part of the walls brings serenity, clarity and elegant dot, and glass, star of the construction, not only flooded with light throughout the house, but getting the views are fully integrated, making them share in the decoration and giving the house, no doubt, of value.

bedroom with a view
free bath

The master bedroom have access to the garden, and the bathroom chaired by a free bath, communicates with a large terrace. The decor in both spaces, as in the rest of the house is simple and welcoming. The pristine white walls contrast gently with wooden floors, little furniture, but very well chosen, modern and sleek, perhaps so that, despite being in a coastal town, do not forget that we are in New York, symbol of sophistication, modernity, elegance and classic renovated.
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