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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Chairs: Vintage touch in modern kitchens

It is clear that one of the latest trends in decoration is characterized by simplicity and simplicity. It is also clear that this trend extends even to the kitchen. It is precisely for this reason that we bring you some ideas, using chairs, follow this fashion.

A modern kitchen can mix well with the vintage simplicity. So in an environment where the primary is composed of white, straight lines and few decorations, a couple of chairs well add that touch of retro originality that is used to create unique spaces.

Chairs: Vintage touch in modern kitchens

Another clear example of this trend is given by the use of a chair that is not only original shape and different style, but also by color. Something we love about this proposal is that to carry it out you can use furniture that no longer serve your relatives or friends!

Chairs: Vintage touch in modern kitchens
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