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Friday, May 11, 2012

Interior design with modern breakfast rooms

Modern breakfast

Dear lovers modern design and interior decoration. Today we meet again to present a component of design of modern kitchen, Which has gained ground in recent years and has emerged as a major focus of our environments. These are breakfasters, A space that deal in the morning, next to the kitchen to make breakfast for quick and comfortable before a long day of work.

In the first of the images have a modern design, With an angled form. The Breakfast occupies one side and the counter of the kitchen the other, allowing us to gain space and comfort. A very innovative and elegant style.

Modern breakfast

Secondly, there is again a modern design ,In this case also the Breakfast and kitchen are on opposite sides of an allowance but highlights the dark red color of the furniture and aluminum, giving a sober and contemporary to this environment.

Modern breakfast

Third is a picture we have presented in other post, in this case highlight the style of Breakfast ,In a bright white, with benches of the same color and design very original, on a patterned carpet in happy colors, contrasting with the neutral color from the surrounding environment.

Modern breakfast

Then we have a Classic kitchen, Where the prevailing wood and the warmth of the interior decoration. It highlights the Breakfast on one side of the counter, with space for two wooden benches and blend seamlessly with the rest of the environment.

Finally we have a modern design with an allowance intended for the Breakfast or can also be used as dining table. They include modern and very comfortable red banquettes and aluminum combined with the kitchen tiles and original pendant to match.

Modern breakfast
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