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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Decorate the bathroom

Minimalist toilet

Decorate the bathroom paying the same attention as the decorate the bathroom principal is a good idea to have a perfect home in the smallest corners. And we usually do not invest much in decorating the bathroom, since it is a stay tiny and pretty much incidental.

However, grooming also usually the bathroom often used by guests dinner at home, or may be the space that allows us to free up some master bath. So I encourage you to decorate the toilet in a creative and personal, Capitalizing on the walls and little furniture there.

Do we see some original ideas to decorate the bathroom?

As you see in the first picture, toilet does not have to be synonymous with small bathroom. There are cases where you prefer to make free space (especially if there are already many baths at home) and decorate the toilet, giving prominence to the empty spaces.
To decorate the bathroom with a modern twist, introduced splashes of color.

Modern Toilet

We can also observe a "All target" toilet in a rustic or vintage.

White toilet

Decorate the bathroom leaving storage space is a more practical than decorative. In the picture you see a toilet with niche-library, but I have seen a toilet with storage for wine bottles.

Toilet with library

Colors dark gray or black are very sophisticated, but only encourage you to decorate with them if the toilet has a good source of natural light.

Black toilet

Or if you do not mind doing a risky. This toilet uses an expensive wallpaper, vintage mirror and the trick of tiles on the sink area.

Original toilet

Another wallpaper for decorating a bathroom with some industrial touch. I like the combination of pink flowers, with a wardrobe and a metal placard.

Small toilet

Great idea for space at home! Why not mount a toilet under the stairs?

toilet under the stairs 

How about these ideas for decorating the toilet?
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