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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Interior decoration of a modern duplex

Modern Interior Decoration with Green

Dear readers, today I share one of the Interior designs more modern and innovative that have come to our email. This is a great duplex, which hold great detail without luxury, comprises a set of very bright environments.

In the first image we see the decoration of the room or living room. He set a modern corner chair for more than six people, along with modern coffee tables. In the decorated reign the dark tones of the color palette of gray, but is enhanced with some apple green cushions that add a very tedious detail, and yet happy, environment.

Modern Interior Decoration with Green

Secondly we can see the modern dining room. Again, the Modern furniture are present in a very bright and pleasing to the eye. The interior design has wood paneled walls and a large window that provides an excellent view, worthy of being enjoyed. The apple green, as in the room, again present in this space, and is also complemented with dark tones to create a striking contrast.

We can see how it has played with the lighting and dark tones. We can see the light entering the ladder, but the rest of the environment has a faint light, making it a somewhat mysterious. The decoration is complemented by strange objects, little fit with the Modern furniture we have seen in the living room and dining room.

Modern Interior Decoration with Green

Finally we find the modern bathroom. It presents some details of category, such as the fantastic bath with mixer class. To fine-tune the interior design this environment with the rest of the house, we have chosen an original colored drawers, a striking detail and really looks great.

Modern Interior Decoration with Green
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