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Friday, July 6, 2012

Decoration and design luxury rooms

Luxury Living

Dear lovers modern design and interior decoration. Today we meet again to present a series of copies of Luxury living rooms, Warm, classic modern ,And even of large and medium size.

In the first of the photographs have a old-style room Very cozy, warm and with some modern touches. The ceilings are high and divided glass windows and elaborate architecture walls and wood furniture, we go back to interior design classic and very elegant. The thick carpet and glass ornaments red, are the modern touches we mentioned above.

Luxurious Living Decoration

Secondly we present a contemporary room Large, slightly ornate. Use neutral colors like gray and white, presents only a structure that is continuous with the floor where a few decorative items decorate the room and on the opposite side glass shelf, very elegant and distinguished. It stands out the size of the chairs, leather, very comfortable and ideal for large gatherings.

Luxurious Living Decoration

The third of the images presents a unique environment, ideal for car lovers and youth decoration and modern. We present a luxurious room which interior design ,Modern and sober, continue with a lighted room where a red car, perfect, captures our attention and becomes the axis of the interior decoration of this environment.

The following image captures our attention with the design your furniture and decoration environment. On a wooden laminated flooring, carpets fit together as separate pieces of a puzzle and brightly colored sofas and cheerful, open a new portal interior decoration, Jovial and intense but equally elegant and distinguished.

Luxurious Living Decoration

Finally we have a delicate interior and harmonious, with details, warm winter, with a log home clad in stone and carpeted floors. It highlights the huge windows that offer a romantic view of the landscape and a set of armchairs, curved shape and natural color and black, very fine and elegant.

Luxurious Living Decoration

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