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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Interior decoration modern and luxurious in wood

Interior Decoration with Wood

Dear readers, today we meet again to present a beautiful and luxurious residence modern interior and distinguished.

In the first of the images we present the room, where we can appreciate the delicate and minute details of the architecture, The wooden ceilings combined with white, the division of the environments, the luminosity and the connection that provides this unique room with the rest of the rooms of the house, with comfort and modern. We have a lead gray armchairs and large windows that allow us to appreciate that the house is higher than the gardens, which provides a better view of the exterior and also the front of the house.

Interior Decoration with Wood

In the second image we modern kitchen ,Very spacious and comfortable, with an allowance dark wood furniture and light colored, very delicate, highlighted in an environment of warm lighting ,With virtually any object decoration, Little ornamentation, completely captivating attention with the elaborate designs and modern interiors.

In the next picture, we have another picture of the kitchen where we can appreciate the breakfast and dining room. We contrast the use of black and white leather seats, again with the architecture and striking feature of the roofs and some Laminated wooden floors with a high brightness and delicacy. Also we should note the chandelier modern, elongated, original and modern.

Interior Decoration with Wood

The following image set just uncovered a home space that may not always be the protagonist of the interior decoration, But with the design, Inviting us to climb the stairs, lighted spots on the stairs and ceilings that are reflected in the shine of the floors and enhance the beauty of wood, this sector of the house can not fail to catch our senses and be an important part of modern interior design of the house.

Interior Decoration with Wood

Then we have a picture of the bathroom, also in wood and white with the same delicacy and elegance of the other environments. In this case, use a lead-gray ceramic with total perfection selected for an area as sensitive as this toilet, a whirlpool where all staged, furniture and even some decorative stones, fit in perfect harmony interior decoration only.

Interior Decoration with Wood

Finally we have the inevitable bedroom, relaxing and comfortable place for homeowners, with the same architecture ceilings, wood floors and an elegant gateway to a wardrobe where the order and perfection are the undisputed qualities interior decoration. A modern design, Warm and slightly ornate, decorated with taste and elegance.

Interior Decoration with Wood

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