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Monday, July 2, 2012

Decoration in two colors: blue and white


The blue and white colors have become an excellent combination for bedroom decor, With a touch of magic and innovative to generate a feeling of spaciousness and warmth. If you're thinking of redecorating your room small Here are some ideas.

Blue is one of those colors pleasant, relaxing and stimulating to show off a modern, sophisticated and youthful. Although the shades of blue can be a bit homesick, we always have the white color to counteract any limit.

Here is the best selection of bedrooms blue and white. Choose your favorite!

Ideas for decoration in blue and white

Trends neutral

Decoracion_en_dos_colores.jpgWhite is able to cause a sensation of joy and purity, however, the secret lies in the neutrality that applies the color blue. With a little more freshness and atmosphere, the natural lighting projects an elegant living environment. The result is great.

Total Freshness

Decoracion_en_dos_colores11.jpgDepending on the character and personal style, You can opt for a tendency cooler using a higher use of blue. Basically, the scheme must maintain a slightly favorable distribution for dark shades.

Dark blue

Decoracion_en_dos_colores_0.jpgBut if there is a predominant color above all things, then we are talking about the blue. Power, strength, toughness and energy. It brings together a series of sensations and emotions with this fantastic combination. Use white as a complement to certain areas.

Master bedroom

Decoracion_en_dos_colores22.jpgMany people believe that blue room are intended only for a male audience, but after watching this double bedroom is possible to find a balance between dark and light shades. Do not miss the romance and warmth of a room for newlyweds.

Blue and white striped

Decoracion_en_dos_colores_rayas.jpgWithout being too traditional, enjoy the contrast of Blue and White to create environments most original. No need to invest too much stopping achieve the highest contrast level.

You see, there are many reasons to opt for colors like blue and white. Dare to try any of these trends and transform your room into a wonderful place.

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