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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Luxury rooms with red details

Luxury Living Room

Dear lovers modern interiorInnovative and elegant. Today we meet again to present a series of specimens that share the luxury of their designs and touches of red, a color that gives the delicacy and elegance of the interior decoration of these rooms.

First we present a room modern department, With red leather chairs, ceiling and wall lining laminated wood and an unparalleled view of the city from the huge windows.

Luxury Living Room

Secondly we have a design very elegant, from the architecture ambient to the immaculate white walls and porcelain floors that shine and reflect light from the roofs of unparalleled luxury. Likewise are the protagonists of the interior decoration ,The original tables with their legs and chairs with a velvety flower designDelicate and elegant. White, black and red, combined with complete harmony and good taste in this interior design.

In the next picture we have a warm design Of tropical style and no less elegant than the rest of the designs presented. In addition to the passionate red, yellow and white, along with the wood of the huge windows that provide natural environment, fresh and relaxing place we all want to be.

Luxurious Living Room

In the next picture we present a extravagant design For other luxurious and perhaps overloaded, but an icon to the luxurious interior. Very ornate, combining the gray and red velvet on the chairs, floors waxed shine in a unique and ceiling fixtures are highlighted in red as a blaze of attention in this interior decoration.

Luxurious Living Room

Finally we have a Classic Design but no less elegant, warm and very delicate. The red in this case enhances the beauty and harmony of wood and the green landscape of the outside, peering through the windows. A design only to mimic our interior decoration.

These fantastic pictures illustrate what can be achieved in the world of Modern and luxurious interior design.

Luxurious Living Room

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