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Monday, July 2, 2012

Learn to choose colors for decoration

color in the room

The color on our walls is a means of power transmission, and even sometimes directly affects our mood, we can create effects in our environments, and that is why we must be careful and choose them carefully when renovating our house.

  • Always remember that suggest neutral tones open spaces, and give warmth and naturalness to a room. On the other hand, the warmer colors such as red or orange reduced spaces convey a lot of comfort.
  • The muted colors or colder as the range of blue or green ,Give serenity, generate amplitude in the rooms and dim sunlight, it is generally recommended to use these ranges in the rooms, because they transmit a lot of relaxation, privacy and invite the rest.
  • While bright colors and Strong, such as purple or deep red, a touch of real personality, show spontaneity in people who dare to wear them, but we are delight careful to apply where, as in a living room or dining room can get married too sight. If you have decided to use these colors it is advisable to use two colors choose a neutral and some of those strident tones.
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