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Friday, July 6, 2012

Modern and luxurious interior design

Luxurious and Modern Apartment Decorating

Dear readers and lovers interior decoration and contemporary design ,Today we present a luxurious and very modern apartment it has beautiful details that enrich each of the environments that shape.

As shown in the first photo, the decoration of the room has very fine details, such as the beautiful picture in shades of orange color that enhances the environment or floral arrangements or indoor plants. The hardwood floors of living were complemented with a beautiful purple carpet, which combines perfectly with the dark tone and timber walls. A modern sofa how three bodies put the finishing touches on one of the most striking areas of this beautiful apartment.

Luxurious and Modern Apartment Decorating

The dining environment is another of the highlights of this luxury apartment. The interior decoration This space looks very modern as the room. A table for a good group of diners with a striking pendant, Owners are great decorated.

Luxurious and Modern Apartment Decorating

Finally, the room or master bedroom, has a minimalist interior design very simple but very striking turn. A modern bed with wood as can be seen in decoration the rest of the environments that comprise this luxury apartment and beautiful lighting are the main players in a space created to rest.

Luxurious and Modern Apartment Decorating

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Great designs. Thanks for the ideas. Modern interior design has become the key words when looking to revamp your home, and more people are looking for inspiration than ever before. Interior design stretches back decades, and although there have been many different designs and styles applied, the core elements always remained the same. Jumping into the luxury design sphere is something that when approached with the correct frame of mind results in pure delight; both for you and your wonderful abode!

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