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Monday, July 2, 2012

Tips to increase the light in your environment

Living with Natural Light

To increase natural light in home environments must rely on skylights in the wall, fixed picture windows, Crystal studs, roof windows and fixed glass. In these cases you will see that the material used is transparent, and while there are many, the glass is a favorite for this

In the case of fixed glass, both doors and panels are a perfect solution to separate an atmosphere of another without losing daylight, Plus multiplying the brightnessWe allow visual continuity, which in turn gives a feeling of openness in the space, the profiles to be used in these cases should be delicate and fine to go unnoticed.

The crystal studs to perform them on a door, we can recreate a kind of mini-window that lets in light excellently from one room to another, and the windows in the roof, as we know much more than light up when placed in the vertical side of our house to apply as single point of light we must remember that they must occupy 12% of the soil surface and be located more than 90 centimeters in height. In the case of flat roofs is recommended to install a skylight.
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