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Friday, July 6, 2012

Interior decorating modern and youthful

Modern interior decorating and youthful

Dear readers and admirers of the past trends in interior decoration ,Today we bring you images of a set of environments that correspond to a modern apartment. This design as youth and full of details that make it a pleasant place, are a clear example of how you can play with different elements to achieve recreate spaces simply marvelous.

The interior decoration of youth environments Its main protagonist of modern design furniture and details bright colors. Details in striped textures like carpet you see in the decoration of the room the first photo, are also excellent tools to give life to our living room, bedroom or kitchen.

Modern interior decorating and youthful

In the second picture we can see how crazy details, like a rug shaped and reason on either a modern shelf ,Can enhance any room and make it look real modern and innovative.

Here we find one of the pillars of the Youth interior and renewed strident colors. We can see how the colors sobresalente of between white walls and modern chairs, taking over the care of anyone observing the environment and complement the interior design with bold details.

Modern interior decorating and youthful

The concepts of Modern bedroom decor were fully taken into account when designing this fantastic room. As in the rest of the house, the combination of bright colors for highlighting details on the white walls and ceilings, gives life to this great atmosphere. Once again, this time as support of the bed, modern shelves are there to divide spaces.

Modern interior decorating and youthful

As a final detail of the Modern bedroom decor, We can find a small study. The sheep in the scenery without a doubt it is the wild symbol that may become youthful interior decoration and modern. The desk has beautifully detailed and colorful, which ends to convert this room, in a very cheerful and pleasant.

Modern interior decorating and youthful

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