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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Interior Decoration and Design of Closets


Dear readers, today we meet again to present some original designs, Comfortable and modern interior of Closets, A space that has gained ground in the modern trends and environment has become a fixture in our homes.

In the first of the photographs have a modern design with an environment designed solely to dresser. With a cabinet without doors to reveal the order and harmony of the clothes, who function decorative items in these shelves. It highlights the shiny laminated wood flooring, carpet, huge windows and the elegant and comfortable chairs for long hours trying on clothes.


Secondly we have a medium-sized Closets, Separated into two sections, one for each partner. With plenty of drawers, boxes of different designs shoe and clothing available for a quick view we select the best outfit for the occasion. As we can see always have a seat where you can support garments or just dress comfortably.

In the next picture we have a Classic Design ,More sober, wood, also with boxes of different shapes and sizes in addition to the drawers and shelves to accommodate clothing. Elsewhere, a small chair and a antique decorative objects to give an original detail the interior environment.


Then we have the opportunity to meet with an original idea and modern in order to have the Closets in the bedroom, With glass doors and a design highly innovative. We have wood furniture and a central structure to sit besides having built drawers for clothes and shoes.


Finally we present a room dedicated solely to dresser. With the modern layout of the environments in large spaces with natural light afforded by the huge windows. It features a modern and comfortable armchair, a floor lamp very original and very simple shelves that let you order and comfort to the interior decoration.

A clear example of that in the design, Not all the room decor ,But you can also pay attention to other environments quite rare.


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