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Monday, July 2, 2012

How to Decorate a Bedroom in the Attic

The dormers interesting spaces are constructive, and are interior that more or less square meters can be used for different functions within a home, even as bedrooms. These spaces can be ideal as bajocubierta rooms as they are well isolated from the rest of the house.

Bedroom: How to Decorate a Bedroom in the Attic

We will see some examples using images of how to decorate loft bedrooms in contemporary homes. With proper planning of space, a loft bedroom may include other areas, such as an area for relaxing or reading, dresser, or bathroom.

The decoration can help to enhance the inherent beauty of these spaces, and applying some decorative devices can enhance the architecture of a attic.

  • To maximize the use of square meters of attic bedroom, We must pay special attention to the temperature distribution. The area that will present major challenges at the time of placing the furniture and decorating is the one in which the roof becomes steeper.
  • One option is to place there the bed and one or two night tables, creating a seating area, but if the ceiling height is not comfortable enough, then it will be convenient to place in that place custom furnitureSuch as cabinets or shelving.
  • If there is a wooden structure on the roof of the bedroom, can be a strong attraction, which also supports variants, so to change the aesthetic effect on the stay. We can paint the wooden beams of roof, Or white and combine entrevigas warmth natural of wood, with shades that enhance the brightness and spaciousness of the plant.
  • Another measure to apply in the interior of a attic bedroom, Which aims to multiply the brightness of space, is the integration of roof windows.
These dormers are an excellent solution to increase natural light in these environments, And also allow you to include curtains, BlindsThat not only have a practical (protecting the interior from the intense rays of the sun) also provide style to the decoration of the room.

Bedroom: How to Decorate a Bedroom in the Attic
Bedroom: How to Decorate a Bedroom in the AtticBedroom: How to Decorate a Bedroom in the Attic
Bedroom: How to Decorate a Bedroom in the Attic

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