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Decoration and interior design oriental

Today we meet again to present ideas Oriental decor, A form of interior design has been found since the last boom years and that fills us with peace and harmony Oriental Culture....

Interior decoration in beige

Dear lovers modern design and interior decoration. Today we meet again to present a series of environments delicately decorated in shades of beige....

Interior decorating of stone

One of the trends in interior decoration that is gaining ever more ground in recent years is the use of the stone element or accessory decorative....

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Friday, May 25, 2012

A different way to decorate with tiles

Brother decide to take a wall in your home with ceramic tiles get many advantages over other materials. The hardness, impermeability, durability and versatility are the pros. But do not stay with a traditional use of this material, advocates a different combination that confers personality to the room.

tile colors

You can combine the model chosen in different finishes, as manufacturers produce various shades of the same design, takes the opportunity to merge the two.

different tiles
patchwork decorated tiles

You can also choose tiles that mimic old or antique pieces and mix designs to achieve a more rustic or vintage.

Colored doors in the kitchen

An interesting option to change the look of your old kitchen is to paint the doors of the cabinets What if every door painted in a color? the result may look like this:

Moroccan style rooms

Moroccan style rooms

The Moroccan style is one of the more decorative segments used by the international community when choosing a decorative form, totally different from the West. Well you have earned the merit designers Morocco, Which from generation to generation, have been handed a design line rich in materials, colors, textures and smells, which trap the visitor, with all the senses. Here are some Banquet with these characteristics.

Many trends can be discerned, beginning in the design of spaces and the physiognomy of the construction. The windows have a very particular feature of the Arab world, which may be accompanied by carved wooden shutters or with a printed fabric as a curtain.

Moroccan style rooms

The wood carving inclusive, is very particular, both in doors and windows, as well as sofas and chairs tables. For these units, the structure of this material may be either wrought iron, although in some homes more westernized, more modern options are appreciated. Others simply choose the cushions on the floor and a space in the old style, with a table coffee, a tray with all the service of tea and a hookah, the traditional Arabic pipe.

Moroccan style rooms
Moroccan style rooms

Another detail is about the colors commonly used in these spaces, the strong and warm tones are the basis for deciding. If not encouraged to put on all the walls, I could do only one and leave the other in shades like mustard.

Moroccan style rooms
Moroccan style rooms

The other decorations, paintings or other, are few and very subtle, so you must decide, which are better adapted to the amount of space you have, depending also, of materials used in the place.

Children's wallpaper for coloring

Here has published a nice collection of child wallpaper with a special peculiarity, can be colored.

There are four models available:



A fantastic idea for decorating children's rooms. You can also unlock your children one of its greatest mysteries what if I paint the walls?

Children wallpaper

We share two new collections wallpaper for children . The first, dedicated to girls 5 to 12 years, named Miss Zoe and a second collection with style, No Limit, exclusively for children 5 to 12 years.


Hangers for children

Ideas for decorating Children's hangers and turn them into unique pieces. The best of this tutorial is that children can also participate.


Decorate the wooden hangers with labels, fringed with lace, felt balls, painted or beaded jewelery and get a children's decor handmade.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Decorating Gallery

Decorating Gallery

Today we meet again to present some valuable ideas for decoration of our galleries. Sometimes closed as part of interior design and sometimes open to the outside filled with the freshness and nature living in the gardens, these galleries provide an environment where we mostly find in the summer taking a little shade or fall waiting for a ray of sun brings warmth to our home.

In some cases the galleries replace the barbecue, can have a barbecue and even a dining set to enjoy a reunion with family or friends. In other cases they are simply a set of chairs or a few chairs to sit and enjoy a sunny morning or the cool of the evening.

Decorating Gallery

Can be directly connected to the lawn or have a small rise and be covered. Even in some cases we find galleries closed by large windows to keep out the wind and to use them in all seasons.

They used wooden chairs, living room sets very light and elegant rattan, plastic or iron, although the latter require more maintenance and mobilize them to other areas of the garden we find it more uncomfortable.

The decoration of the gallery is very important and may be accompanied or not interior decoration the house can have its own style or combine with other environments, it is important to be a place where our comfort and wellbeing first.

Decorating Gallery

Luxurious interior design of a modern apartment

Luxurious interior design of a modern apartment

Dear readers and lovers modern interior designs ,Innovative and super luxury, today we present a fantastic apartment that has a set that comes out of the ordinary to become a benchmark of Minimalism and the contemporary.

We can see the beautiful environments that make up this luxury apartment, Have more detail in interior decoration. A fantastic design that will surely be a benchmark for more than one of our readers.

In the first image we see a beautiful room. The combination of gray tones with the clarity that gives the target, generates beautiful contrasts that enrich the environment. Details complement this fantastic brown interior design.

Luxurious interior design of a modern apartment

In the second photo, we can see the dining room. A beautiful round table with chairs accompany the excellent design environment. In the background we see the modern shelvesmodern interior design. can complement the

The bath of this modern apartment luxury is where you look. Fully glazed with exterior views, ensures moments of relaxation. With white as the predominant color and some accessories in black color interior design ,Ensures sobriety and good taste.

Luxurious interior design of a modern apartment

Last but not least, the double bedroom has a design in keeping with the rest of this beautiful home. Light colors, plenty of space and decorative accessories tasteful, are the key to that invite restful environment to be enjoyed.

Luxurious interior design of a modern apartment

Three innovative ideas for a double bedroom

Bedroom Decorating  Wedding

Dear readers and lovers interior design ,Today we bring you some suggestions for those who are in search of ideas for decorate a master bedroom. These three images illustrate environments truly fantastic modern and innovative, Which hold great detail in his decoration.

In the first image we find a master bedroom prioritized where on the dark colors. The white walls and gray floors, provides a contrasting background for the fantastic black colored furniture that make up the interior decoration of this environment. A thick carpet deposited us at the foot of the bed, almost inviting visitors to take it.

Bedroom Decorating  Wedding

The second image is a bit opposed to that seen in the first. Hardwood floors and dark tones make up the interior design of this master bedroom. The set even looks much more modern in the first photo, which gives us the impression that it is the bedroom of a young couple and innovative. The suspended bed is one of the bedroom furniture most commonly used today by those who wish to innovate.

Finally, we bring you a master bedroom simple elegance. The dark colors make the room seem dim, but with the use of white linens and support have been able to enhance the interior design. The polished floors, together with a very thick carpet and black color, achieved an excellent effect on the room.

Decoration of  Marriage 3 Bedrooms

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Interior decoration of exotic bathrooms

Modern bathrooms and Exotic

Dear readers, today we meet again to present some exotic designs of modern bathrooms.

In the first of the photographs have a toilette of original design, Spacious, which is decorated with coverings and accessories that allow us to place ourselves in a submarine ocean voyage. The small, circular windows, the carpet of waves in different shades of blue and the center tub tiles coated in the same range of colors, capture our attention and surprise us with great originality and design.

Modern bathrooms and Exotic

Secondly we have a small room decorated in a manner that does not seem a bath ,Without ceramic floors but with wood, tall windows and curtains on the floor, with a bathtub floor and flush with plants and stones as objects of decoration. Colors are used orange, yellow and red, giving light and style to this interior design.

Modern bathrooms and Exotic

Third, unlike the decoration above with the colors of the sun, we present a toilette distinguished by their winter design, Wood furniture combined with white, very modern double sinks and a few unfurnished associated objects decoration. The snowy landscape of the exterior is an element of the interior design This toilet, modern and very original.

In the next picture we bring you a exotic bath full of elegance and old design. On rustic wood floors, elaborate furnishings in cream, a white carpet of feathers and a bath Classic surrounded by curtains of tulle, delicate and extravagant.

Old Bath

Finally a modern design, With large spaces and amenities. With only one toilet on a simple wooden counter held to the wall, a few objects decoration and some delicate wood floors, this toilette is known for its glass walls and the inclusion of a tub in a ceramic structure in gray lead, which is continuous with a luxurious pool outdoors. An original idea and unique for a interior design dazzling.

Modern bathrooms and Exotic

Classical and cheerful interior

Interior Design

Dear readers, today we meet again to present a new copy of the interior decoration Classic but with some modern features such as lighting and bright colors that contrast with the environment and give vitality and design.

As we can see, the toilet is classic, neutral colors, an old painting on the walls and a fixture in the modern feature design now, two sinks on a marble counter very picturesque.

Interior Design

The bedroom has a classic decor ,But the intense colors and lighting are the modern features we emphasize. On the contrary, we see immense open spaces or windows as we usually find in the Modern interior decoration.

The dining kitchen is the more modern of the residence, with large spaces, warm lighting spots, a central counter breakfast bar and large windows.

Interior Design

The living is primarily conservative, with small spaces, isolated from other environments and with muted colors in the decoration. However we can not fail to mention, beautiful plasma TV that provides luxury and modernity to the walls of this room.

Some innovative ideas for classic modernizing our environments or renew our interior design.

Interior Design

High and Bright Environments in a modern interior design

Interior Decoration

Dear readers, today we have a beautiful home, modern, luxurious and with a good taste in interior design.

The view from the outside shows the immensity of space, brightness and height of the rooms. The decoration each of the spaces, white, black and gray, giving rise to the simplicity and delicacy of the designs.

We can see a living room with a very modern TV hanging from the walls, allowing spaces and comfort win. Few accessories interior decoration, No more than a box and a vase wearing a simple environment, but also full of luxury and modernity.

Interior Decoration

The breakfast area and large windows are very important details and highlights of this interior design ,As they provide comfort and brightness to the environment. Also, the detail of modern-style chairs in an office, could bring work home but do not, and will instead give us the comfort to feel comfortable after a long day of work.

Another aspect of the more remarkable decoration and modern design environments, is the gallery with beautiful black white armchairs and cushions, with high ceilings and detail of the glass, giving the final touch to an environment where the breeze of the outdoors invites us to refresh and relax in our own home.

It is certainly a residence that mimic our own designs.

Interior Decoration

Interior Design for relaxation

Interior Decoration

Dear lovers interior design and good taste, we present today a place of dreams, that place where it is necessary to relax and connect with nature.

A living room near the bedroom, without separations environments ideal for sharing with a partner. A set of very modern chairs with white cushions and the combination of orange and brown, widely used in the interior decoration today.

Interior Decoration

The warm wood and large windows bring us into contact with the water and the freshness of the outdoors. The comfortable surroundings and good light, make this an ideal place where relax and enjoy.

The use of two sinks in the bathroom is a classic modern interior decoration. Warm colors and browns and a huge mirror add elegance to this environment.

Finally, and given its importance in this residence, we would all like to have bath with warm water and filled with flowers that perfume the air.

Huge windows let in the afternoon sun, while relaxing in the armchairs in the living room, read a book or drink something refreshing.

Finally, a beautiful lounge chairs with white cushions on the shore of the lake, are a subject of decoration highlight of this residence.

Undoubtedly, a romantic place to rest and dream.

Interior Decoration

Modern designs combined with the rustic decor of wood and stones

Interior Decoration Stone

Today we met again to witness together an icon interior design.

With modern aspects, like the simple white chairs, kitchen recessed aluminum that provides space and comfort, toilets very spacious and warm lighting in spots. This residence can go on a interior decoration rustic, with wooden dining table and stone walls, present in all environments as main accessory interior design.

It has large windows, like most modern environments we have been seeing, but it has the warmth of the spot lights that provide elegance to lighting and interior decoration.

Interior Decoration Stone

The centerpieces natural, offers the freshness of the vegetation that do not provide the large windows, which are absent in this case.

A classic bedroom with pillows in different colors, the warmth of wood and stone walls, giving that distinctive and unique to design of the room. With a modern black chair at the foot of the bed, where you can sit back and read a book or simply change our shoes.

Is a interior decoration innovation for which we have seen, but certainly a good alternative to our own designs.

Interior Decoration Stone

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