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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Ideas for small bathrooms

Small spaces have become a constant these days. And this constant can not escape the bathrooms. It is precisely why today we bring you some ideas for decorating. Some ideas that never fail in this type of space is the use of light colors and good lighting, two allies in generating more spacious feeling.

Another feature that must be present in these baths is that of vertical storage. A good towel vertical, help a lot to save space.

 Ideas for small bathrooms

While light colors are recommended, no one says they can not be proved with some details in dark colors. Just remember to be detail otherwise the bathroom look even smaller than it is.

 Ideas for small bathrooms

For nature lovers, how about this idea with plants? The green of these living beings combined perfectly with the white of the rest of the bathroom. One detail that works with the reduced space is the use of the window as support or shelf space.

Ideas for small bathrooms
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