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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Interior decoration with modern accessories

Modern decoration Accessories

Dear readers, today we meet again to present some alternative interior decoration with modern accessories and very innovative.

In the first of the photographs, we have a small room contemporary design and pink. It highlights the highly innovative plastic furniture, the curtains in gingham and star in the scene the vases with flowers. In the modern decor nature prevails in the environment, vegetation, aromas and colors of the earth are objects design widely used at present. The glass vases, even with the shades chords decoration, With beautiful flowers, give more style to the decoration any statue or ornament.

Modern decoration Accessories

Then we have a beautiful room combining the rustic with the Modern interior decoration. It highlights the design the architecture of the roofs and the use of rustic decorative objects and crafts. We see a beautiful watch at the end of the room, the rustic tables with plants and a beautiful chest, traditional, as additional table objects such as books, flowers, vases but capturing our senses with full role in this interior design.

Modern decoration Accessories

Thirdly we present them as modern decalsAnd accessories that have gained ground in the minimalist decor. They allow us to give a different detail to walls, paint original classic colors but give the design of these particular accessories.

Then we have an idea that intoxicates the senses of any lover of original design and delicate. A small room with only one chair in bright pink and a very modern vase without flowers or objects inside. Only highlights the paint on the walls, encastrando to perfection as beautiful flowers in the vase modern.

Modern decoration Accessories

Finally we present another object that has come alive in the modern decor. Tables games are live objects of pure design, elegance and enliven any wall of our house with style and beauty.

Some alternatives to add to our modern interior designs.

Modern decoration Accessories
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