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Saturday, May 12, 2012

A modern interior design with many innovative ideas

Interior Decoration

Today we meet again to present a modern interior design we provide innovative ideas for the decoration environments of our own homes.

The bath is characterized by a interior design very simple. As used at present, the designs are straight, simple, open spaces are used, two sinks and a glass partition separating the shower from the rest of the toilette. The wooden furniture gives great delicacy along with the white marble beneath the sinks.

Interior Decoration

A very modern living, with throw rugs green apple that are distributed throughout the environment, separated from the kitchen dining room by a very innovative home, located within the boundary wall as an object of decoration unique and original.

The kitchen dining room has bright colors like apple green, combined with the rest of the environment using the same colors. The chairs seem to have a back benches but very comfortable and are the main object of decoration the dining room.

Interior Decoration

Then we have an environment that we all wish to own a very modern movie theater in our own home. With just a few chairs for our family and friends and a huge TV at the core of the interior decoration of this environment.

In addition to everything mentioned here, we highlight a warehouse where a large wine collection is presented to select the one to accompany a romantic dinner, a business meeting or a meal with friends.

Undoubtedly, a large design and a beautiful interior decoration.

Interior Decoration Warehouse
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