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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Recycle your glass jars

recycled jam jars into flower vases

Maybe you can do this craft? It is very easy and the view is that the result is most decorative. In addition to the glass jars you want to recycle only need yarn bobbins of different colors, glue and, in case you want to identify the content, a paper card stock. Your children will also be able to! Set forth this idea of ​​recycling as a gift for Mom.

recycled jam jars into flower vases

If instead of rolls of different colors, you get a colorful, the better. Where do we start? First, While clean glass jar and remove the label. To do this you can soak in hot water (really shows how fast). Then check a bit of glue in the crystal and from the mouth of the container, Wrapping the wire gradually so that the strands are arranged and unmounted together. To achieve the look multicolored paste the end of a strand wound in the crystal and the beginning of the next above, always helping glue.

recycled jam jars into flower vases

Plus multicolored makeshift vases, You can use the glass jar store small accessories: buttons, pins, hoquillas, clips, rubber hair ... and to locate its contents at a glance, nothing more effective than a paper label where you can write whatever you want.
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