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Thursday, May 3, 2012

8 tips to make a sanctuary of dreams

Having trouble sleeping? Do you spend a sleepless night, tossing and turning in bed without being able to sleep? Sleep is a pleasure and a necessity, but if our environments are not suitable is likely to become an eternal struggle. To create the habit of restful sleep is important to create and maintain an atmosphere appropriate to invite the rest and relaxation. Here are 8 tips to turn your bedroom into a sanctuary of dreams.

1. Remove the TV from the room and take it elsewhere. Watching television in bed inhibits good sleep. Similarly, move your computer to the office or study. Remove the stress and worry of your workplace the space where you should focus on relaxing and sleeping.

2. The color theory says that the different tones have different effects on people. Cool colors (blue, green) provide a sense of calm so prefiƩrelos to bright colors.

3. Make sure the room next to yours is free stereos, televisions or other noisy electronic devices. The newer homes have no walls completely sound proof that can keep awake.

4. Choose blocking the light elements (curtains, Blinds, etc). Although the sun is not bright, artificial light can seep into the room from the outside, disrupting your sleep patterns. Maintain room as dark as possible is especially important for those whose work requires them to sleep during the day.

5. If you need to sleep comfortably, consider adding a couple of night lights or dimmer type switch instead of sleeping with the light on all the time.

6. The noisy pipes can wake up to all the inhabitants of a house if someone visits the bathroom in the middle of the night. Review the causes of any problem, particularly in the bathroom that is adjacent to your room.

7. Make sure the Doors and windows safe, without squeaking.

8. Use a air purifier or humidifier to maintain maximum air quality. Allergens and excessively dry air can disrupt sleep and make you wake up in disgust. As a bonus, these machines generate a white noise that can drown out other sounds annoying.

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