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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Wallpapers for children

rustic kitchen pantry

The wallpaper of floral prints was instrumental in recreating a charming rustic in this Scandinavian cuisine, decorated with white furniture. To store the crockery, kitchenware and glassware was placed a cupboard, red painted wood and glass doors, which puts the chromatic counterpoint.

rustic kitchen pantry

A sliding door can make all the space path of a swing door, about 80 cm far from negligible.

rustic kitchen pantry
rustic kitchen pantry

The white furniture is combined with a wooden top, undoubtedly warmer material for a kitchen. The problem is that its surface is porous, scratches, burns and stains easily. That must have intensive treatment it waterproof. As these two images, under furniture were installed lights to illuminate work areas.

rustic kitchen appliances
kitchen dining room

The distribution of furniture L-shaped allowed to leave an area just below the window to place a dining area. It consists of a table together with three chairs. When it comes to tight spaces, the best thing is to decorate both environments with the same aesthetic criteria and identical materials. In this case, table and chairs fit perfectly with the cabinets in white laminate.
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