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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Interior decoration of room in wood

Wooden decoration of rooms

Dear lovers of design and interior room ,Today we bring you a set of images which belong to a cozy home in Washington. The use of wood as the main material in the decorated, Transform the environment in a very warm and modern turn.

The hardwood floors forming part of interior design of this house, no doubt, are among those who most caught our attention since we started the blog. Its combination with white walls and details decoration like carpet, couch cushions individual and black color provides a modern look incredible in this fantastic environment.

Wooden decoration of rooms

One of the detail interior decoration of this room to us really happy is the modern salamander which heats the entire environment. His wonderful shape and design perfectly accompanies the style that has decided to provide this environment.

As shown in the pictures, the kitchen and dining room are integrated into the decoration of the room. Modern furniture with great design, accompany each of the corners of the luminous environment. Everything looks smooth and not use different Interior decorating trends ,This is a detail that we must always consider, especially if the environments are so integrated with each other.

A room decor modern, not much escapes we have seen in our entry on livings But which, in turn, is integrated into the kitchen and dining room form a whole.

Wooden decoration of rooms
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