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Friday, May 11, 2012

Contemporary and modern interior design

Modern Interior Decoration

Dear readers, today we meet again to present a beautiful and modern residence which stands out for its interior decoration and style contemporary.

As we see in the photographs, this beautiful residence is distinguished by a unique view of the outdoors, water and sun are the protagonists of the landscape, full of light and freshness the interior design.

In the first of the images we are living with wide open spaces and windowsFew objects decoration and a beautiful view of the outdoors. There are two floor lamps two armchairs very modern and very warm and comfortable white, typical of design Beach, simple and modern.

Then we have a picture of the bedroom, design sober brown color, connected by an arcade with a private living room and a desk. Objects are distinguished as decoration two lamps very original in the tables, a floral arrangement and some cups and bronze ornaments on a shelf.

Modern Interior Decoration

Finally we have a bath design very delicate, with two hanging lamps on the sides of the mirror, giving dim light and delicate in this environment. A single sink and the towels twisted prune different size as the object of decoration, Also highlights the large windows of modern design which are of this environment and other areas of the house as players in the interior decoration of this residence, contemporary and bright.

Modern Interior Decoration
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