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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Three innovative ideas for a double bedroom

Bedroom Decorating  Wedding

Dear readers and lovers interior design ,Today we bring you some suggestions for those who are in search of ideas for decorate a master bedroom. These three images illustrate environments truly fantastic modern and innovative, Which hold great detail in his decoration.

In the first image we find a master bedroom prioritized where on the dark colors. The white walls and gray floors, provides a contrasting background for the fantastic black colored furniture that make up the interior decoration of this environment. A thick carpet deposited us at the foot of the bed, almost inviting visitors to take it.

Bedroom Decorating  Wedding

The second image is a bit opposed to that seen in the first. Hardwood floors and dark tones make up the interior design of this master bedroom. The set even looks much more modern in the first photo, which gives us the impression that it is the bedroom of a young couple and innovative. The suspended bed is one of the bedroom furniture most commonly used today by those who wish to innovate.

Finally, we bring you a master bedroom simple elegance. The dark colors make the room seem dim, but with the use of white linens and support have been able to enhance the interior design. The polished floors, together with a very thick carpet and black color, achieved an excellent effect on the room.

Decoration of  Marriage 3 Bedrooms
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