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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Wallpaper in the dining room

modern dining room

If you do not dare to put a powerful wallpaper somewhere in your house, think calmly and quietly watch your dining room. Do not you give a chance soda that wall where you can not put just anything because entorpecerías step too?In this room, so modern it, where straight lines play with the thickness of the treated oak brown finish, no one would say that this geometric paper an XXL format and in a tone as difficult as the cobalt blue would be so good.

dining room wallpaper

This room also things we like best, besides the paper: for example the showcase of one body and diaphanous glass doors, table legs crossing intelligently, the upholstered chairs with a design both elegant and simple. The photograph in the shop Kibuc Arganda, extending table called Zoc, 120 x 120, it costs 1,295 € and chairs Moon, 230€ each.

Casamance wallpaper

Other papers also elegant geometric design but in large format and more neutral tones and nuanced are the "crow's feet" giant and a lattice with lattice type small metallic particles, both are of the collection Absolue Casamance signature.

Casamance wallpaper
Casamance wallpaper

Really always supports a high point of sophistication, as this paper called Ailleurs whose design between geometric and ethnic printed velvet on a support which reproduces the moire texture. Also belonging to the firm Casamance.
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