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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Interior decoration with children wallpaper

Children's wallpaper

Dear lovers interior decoration, We met again today to present the new trends in children's wallpapers.

Of varied designs and colors, allow us to give life and joy to our children's bedroom.

Children's wallpaper

The children's wallpapers used today are mostly striped, and that trend continues in the other rooms of the house. Combining bright colors like red and orange colors in the range using pink for the girls' room, these wallpaper lining the walls of the room and become the main object of the decoration.

As we can see in the pictures, also used the combination of different wallpaper in different bedroom walls. Used striped wallpaper in some cases and in others using drawings or wallpaper smooth. Always intense and bright colors that are pivotal in the modern interior design.

Children's wallpaper

Finally we have the classic Children's picture wallpaper, Ever present mainly in the room of our younger children who look up to their favorite characters.

It is now used extensively wallpaper to coat the walls or paintings are used bright colors and contrasting in the same room. It is also fashionable to use solid colors on the walls, giving prominence to the Interactive carpet well designed for the amusement of our children.

The interior decoration today invites us to play us with the colors and designs.

Children's wallpaper
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