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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Interior decoration in turquoise color

Turquoise Interior Decoration

Dear readers, today we meet again to present some examples of modern interior in turquoise, Deep color, full of life and joy.

In the first of the photographs have a bedroom decorated with delicacy and warmth. It stresses the brightness and freshness that gives turquoise with white. Also used high ceilings and glass windows distributed as part of this concert of harmony, simplicity and modernity.

Turquoise Interior Decoration

Secondly we have a double bedroom minimalist. Line highlights the architecture of the environments, the immaculate white neutralizing the intensity of turquoise, which is full of life and originality this interior design.

Leaving aside the old tendencies of warm colors and soft, turquoise is a cool color and full of life within our decoration provides a warm detail our designs. We see in this beautiful decoration, A carpet of dreams, rectangular plaids and various shades of blue, blue and turquoise on a bright white porcelain floors.

Turquoise Interior Decoration

Then we present a gallery full of freshness and breeze only brings us close to the lake and the beautiful decoration. On a wooden deck, rest a few chairs with cushions in turquoise, to spend long hours enjoying the sunset or a beautiful sunrise. With a story balcony and wooden architecture painted white, this environment is a classic icon interior decoration and good taste.

In the next image we present a antique decorated room With a paint splatter on a small table on which we can find vases of different shades of blue and different designs. Also we see a painting of a landscape where the turquoise of the sea combined with the chairs and other objects decoration.

Turquoise Interior Decoration

Finally we have a delicate and elegant dining in turquoise, With a rug round in this color and beautiful white chairs with cushions in aquamarine.

A beautiful and innovative color to personalize our Interior designs.

Turquoise Interior Decoration
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