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Friday, May 11, 2012

Interior design bright and spacious

Bright and spacious interiors

Dear readers and lovers interior design, This post we share today is dedicated to all those who admire the luxury and simplicity presented by modern environments.

In the pictures accompanying this post, we can see really very luxurious environment. When space, good taste and good lighting fuse, you can get to achieve incredible results as we see in the interior design each of the environments that make up this fantastic modern house.

Bright and spacious interiors

In itself, the interior decoration of the room shown impressive. You can see that spaces are well used, leaving room open for circulation. That has so many windows, not only does this house look beautiful with its lighting, but also gives a bonus to design environments, Making them appear much larger and spacious than they really are.

Bright and spacious interiors

The bathroom interior design deserves special mention. We can see the white predominates and has achieved an excellent and very fine touch by using the color black. Like the other environments, the design shows modern and daring.

Finally we can not stop talking about the spectacular dresser. We have already seen pictures of modern dressing in our blog, but surely this goes beyond anything seen so far. A dressing room with wood accents and a modern interior design invites you to spend long hours admiring each one of the many items that could save.

Bright and spacious interiors
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