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Saturday, May 12, 2012

High and Bright Environments in a modern interior design

Interior Decoration

Dear readers, today we have a beautiful home, modern, luxurious and with a good taste in interior design.

The view from the outside shows the immensity of space, brightness and height of the rooms. The decoration each of the spaces, white, black and gray, giving rise to the simplicity and delicacy of the designs.

We can see a living room with a very modern TV hanging from the walls, allowing spaces and comfort win. Few accessories interior decoration, No more than a box and a vase wearing a simple environment, but also full of luxury and modernity.

Interior Decoration

The breakfast area and large windows are very important details and highlights of this interior design ,As they provide comfort and brightness to the environment. Also, the detail of modern-style chairs in an office, could bring work home but do not, and will instead give us the comfort to feel comfortable after a long day of work.

Another aspect of the more remarkable decoration and modern design environments, is the gallery with beautiful black white armchairs and cushions, with high ceilings and detail of the glass, giving the final touch to an environment where the breeze of the outdoors invites us to refresh and relax in our own home.

It is certainly a residence that mimic our own designs.

Interior Decoration
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