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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Interior design with shelves


Dear readers and lovers interior design ,Today we bring you some beautiful models of shelves so they can see how creative you can be one when decorate home environments.

The shelves is one such decorative accessories rarely missing a home. For a long time people make use of them to load or save objects and trimmings

Over time, this practice has evolved and now the shelves are already part of the decoration, Presenting the most diverse forms and colors.

In our first image we see a shelving embedded in the wall. This type of rack is very useful when you have little space in the room decor or in a bedroom.

The decorative accessories will become part of the walls. These shelves can take the most diverse forms, thus giving the opportunity to play with the designer's creativity.


Both the second and the third image, have shelves more classical. Although his designs can make them look like modern shelvesThe design of these is used which has a lifetime. One useful application of them is what we see in the third photo, a shelf that is used to environments divide. This is something that can come in handy in the interior of an apartment of medium size where we need to divide spaces without having to masonry or separate environments completely.


Finally we found one of the shelves most innovative we've seen. It is nothing more and nothing less than a large window. Although the contrast can be achieved between the outside and interior decoration using these shelves can be wonderful, it can also ruin the front of the house , if these are loaded decorative accessories and trimmings. Therefore, those who will implement this idea, we recommend to pay special attention to objects that place, and we must ensure that they give a good appearance both outside the house and from inside.

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