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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Decorate a hall and a corridor


In very modern homes, where the imprint of the architecture is so powerful, one wonders, "and now ... How the hall decorum? " Also in this case the receiver, the stairwell and corridor form a whole. The interior is very subtle intervention raised not to downplay the impact of architecture, but adding a touch of personality and warmth needed to do more "livable" these so austere interior.

hall big house

Sorted coatings incorporating a point of sophistication but for the right amount. On the ground, and covering the splendid merbau decking, is placed a pair of Carpet Kolours wool pile graphite gray. An area for corridor wider than the usual pasilleros, and another circular saw the lobby area. Though you think that this gray is a very dark color to blend with a wooden floor of this tone, the finish of this carpet reflects light well and the effect is not a dull gray, is a full carpet reflexes. As supplements, a pair of tall vases Polished steel supported on the ground.

Decorate a hall and a corridor

For the wall facing the glass balustrade of the ladder, was chosen also full of shiny paper but in a softer shade of gray. This is the model Shima signing Dull. This paper has spherical particles of glass that reflect light and need a special glue. Its effect is discreet yet sumptuous.
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