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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

How to decorate home with plants


Like books, pictures and mirrors, plants can also become an excellent add decorative household. They can provide freshness and vivacity, and are also able to give much color to any room.

Today Here My proposal is very simple but no less charming. It will be a quick and easy tutorial for you to know how to decorate the home with plants and achieve a tremendous result.

Are you interested? Well read on!

Plants outside


Of course, the plants can be found on the outside, but what put them on the balcony or patio? Why not on the balcony? They are a very reliable option if you are looking to supplement a small but attractive fixture. A few pots go well with any decor.

Plants in the living


We talked to wear some beautiful pots outside the home. Now let's show them off inside. What supplement living plants? Perhaps prickly pear, a fern, or other container under the plasma TV.

What do you think?

Plants in glasses


I always look for how to implement different decorations and innovate with new ideas. This time course could not fail them, right? My proposal is to use a simple glasses with plants inside to decorate any table, shelf or mantel. A simple adaptation and original!

What more could you want?

Plants on the shelves

On the shelves usually have books, a motif that helps to supplement our interior decoration, And some other object you want to look. How about putting some plants? And maybe also some pots? No doubt it will form a cooler environment and natural anywhere in the home.

Already have some interesting tips for the interior and the exterior of your home. Otherwise, we just need to decide what kind of plants or flowers decorate every room, and go! Whatever your choice, surely the end result will be great.
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