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Monday, July 2, 2012

Rustic bathroom design


Currently, most bathrooms are designed with luxurious and modern styles to suit the needs and tastes of all people. Some may even seem cold and uninviting at first sight, which is, from my perspective, one of the disadvantages of this type of decoration. 

However, no possibility of choice among the wide variety of styles available for any bathroom design Rustic, As an outlet for those wishing to look more relaxed, natural and earthly. Let's review some decorating ideas that will fit many rustic bathroom designs.
Any antique furniture that you can give a rustic style to the bathroom as if by magic. However, looking at stores accessories that are vintage or antique style that will go well with the wood which is characteristic of the rustic bathroom designs. If you have room, you can install cabinets or cabinets of this material. Caps granite or marble can be part of a bathroom with a touch of rustic elegance. 

Faucets and handles with details of white porcelain in the shower and sink, large tub and shower curtains of cloth are perfect to accentuate the Rustic bathroom design. If you intend to install curtains vinyl, look them in dark colors within the range of earth tones and warm, and those with floral motifs or nature. Do not use colors strong or primary for the walls or wallpaper, soft shades are recommended. However, almost any combination of neutral tones work very well, especially if you include beige, white and ivory. 


The color of the soil be combined with the wall, or you can opt for traditional tiles. The lights should be light colored to help soften the decor and make it warm and friendly. Similarly, you can use candles or lamps, antique look to help highlight the design. The walls work may show finishes clean, a bit rough textures. If the bathroom has wooden beams visible this is ideal for Rustic bathroom designSo leave them exposed. 

The frames of the mirrors are another important detail in this type of decoration. Try to be wood and incorporates elements such as cotton towels, rugs, etc. to create the environment desado. It is recommended to dispense with luxury items such as televisions and other electronic accessories, it would look out of place. If your budget does not support a complete makeover, well you can adapt the design of your bath rustic with the help of small items that fit their current structure.
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Who knew antique furniture will be perfect for a bathroom? Your idea is awesome! Thanks so much. Looking forward to more posts from you.

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