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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Design and decoration in green color apple

Green Interior Decoration

Dear readers, today we meet again to make them part of some innovative designs invite us to discover new ways to customize our interior decoration and nothing more and nothing less than the color of hope and the nature, green.

First we present a beautiful bedroom where the walls, curtains and modern plastic chair, stand by the intensity and brightness green. With few decorative items, Medium in size and a bedspread the same color, on a carpet in brown faux leather with laminated flooring and a milk-white, the atmosphere traps us and makes us part of your fresh style and modern.

Green Interior Decoration

The second image highlights the combination of different tones green with wood and white furniture in a kitchen chair. Small to medium-sized, comfortable and mostly very delicate, this environment is characterized by its Classic Design and luminosity.

In the next picture we present a Classic dining combining two colors, the green and cock it, with full freshness and naturalness. In a comfortable environment, highlighting the high-backed chairs and upholstered green the same shade as the paint on the walls. Also on the table, dishes and even flower arrangement with the second color that adorns this room, the color yellow.

Green Interior Decoration

Finally we present some armchairs very modern, original structure and green apple, white, natural, fresh and lively, combining with the design the floors and walls. Also we can highlight the decorative items as the trunk, floral print on the floors and the combination of green and wood, as details of a distinguished interior decoration full of nature and style.

Green Interior Decoration

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